27 September 2012

Mark Ritson: Why marketers are socially stupid

You’d have thought social media departments would have learned their lesson by now. Whenever you run a Twitter campaign that asks consumers to complete the sentence “I love Brand X because…”, all it usually achieves is an avalanche of eager piss-taking from bored consumers keen to offer their mates a giggle and give marketers the kicking that they are deemed to deserve.

Letters to the editor 27/09/2012

While I strongly believe in the ‘simple power of benefits’ I would take issue with the idea that a cash reward has a similar effect. Although the phrase ‘cash is king’ is often heard, it is widely recognised among motivation and reward specialists that simply adding £X to an employee’s salary where it will more […]

Collaboration is agent of change


Marketers who recognise they can nudge consumer behaviour towards a better way of living are well placed to help brands tap into new attitudes towards social responsibility.

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Influencers, consultancies and the recruitment crisis: The key topics of conversation at Cannes Lions

cannes lions

Cannes Lions 2018: Marketers turned out in force to advertising’s biggest annual event. But away from the usual talk of purpose and creativity, some big issues such as the recruitment crisis, how advertising responds to the #MeToo movement and cleaning up the influencer marketing space were discussed.