27 September 2012

Mark Ritson: Why marketers are socially stupid

You’d have thought social media departments would have learned their lesson by now. Whenever you run a Twitter campaign that asks consumers to complete the sentence “I love Brand X because…”, all it usually achieves is an avalanche of eager piss-taking from bored consumers keen to offer their mates a giggle and give marketers the kicking that they are deemed to deserve.

Letters to the editor 27/09/2012

While I strongly believe in the ‘simple power of benefits’ I would take issue with the idea that a cash reward has a similar effect. Although the phrase ‘cash is king’ is often heard, it is widely recognised among motivation and reward specialists that simply adding £X to an employee’s salary where it will more […]

Collaboration is agent of change


Marketers who recognise they can nudge consumer behaviour towards a better way of living are well placed to help brands tap into new attitudes towards social responsibility.

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