28 April 2011

CSR vs the money men

Our recent feature on how a new approach to ethical business and CSR can help the bottom line generated interesting debate. Read the feature at www.mwlinks.co.uk/TheNewCSR and comments below: Good article, but most CSR professionals I know (myself included) have been saying this for years and we’ve been banging our heads against the wall. It’s […]

CSR has come of age

Puma.Peace: The sports brand’s CSR programme is award-winning

I read your cover feature ’The New CSR: This Time It’s Profitable’ (MW 14 April) by Michael Barnett with great interest. It’s not just that CSR is coming of age there is also a sea change in the way that consumers engage with brands that is driving this ’new CSR’. Being ’good’ is the new […]

How to boost our confidence

The latest Bellwether report shows marketers are taking a more “cautious approach to marketing expenditure”, with a decrease in marketing budgets for the second consecutive quarter. As another sign of faltering confidence in the industry, it’s important for marketers to take stock of their campaigns and ensure their budget is spent wisely and their campaigns […]

Proceed with caution along the social media highway

Debate about the merits of social media is never far from the top of a marketer’s agenda. Sceptics doubt the benefits for brands of the new social platforms, while new media evangelists are quick to champion the groundbreaking changes it might offer to brand management.

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