New demand driving sustainable food growth

organic food

Sales of organic and locally sourced foods are on the increase and the wider food industry is once again looking to sustainability as a differentiator, with McDonald’s and KFC making new sourcing commitments, but brands still have work to do to convince consumers.

Andrew Schapiro, Head of brand creative at Airbnb, on the impact design has had on its success

Andrew Schapiro

We hadn’t done a lot of traditional marketing or storytelling. Design has impacted the way we evolved our product, how we thought about building the brand and that has really differentiated us. We really focus on authenticity and how we marry design with intention. It’s honest, sometimes provocative and that’s what we’re about. In reality, […]

Is big data delivering ROI?

Big data seems to divide brands into either advocates or sceptics, with some now seeing paybacks and others having jumped in unwisely. Whichever side they are on, brands need to set out their goals first before deciding whether to invest.

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