28 October 2009

Journey to next frontier is long-haul destination


Chief marketing officer Tom Seddon is bullish about hotel giant IHG’s ability to show the business world what the future of marketing looks like. He tells Jo Roberts his vision of the future revolves around strong relationships with customers

Brands’ new model army


Forrester Research is calling for a complete overhaul of the marketing function, in which brand managers are ditched in favour of a new model of working involving ‘brand advocates’. But can a reactive role creating ‘on the fly’ plans really work for businesses? By Maeve Hosea

Engagement is the future of marketing

Mark Choueke

The future of marketing. It’s hard to predict, but that, in a nutshell, is what you will all be currently attempting as you reach the point of signing off budgets for next year. What activities are going to give your brand the most traction in 2010? How do you execute them and how much will they cost?

Be nice to marketing head hunters

My phone has been red hot this week with calls from headhunters. Sadly, they weren’t offering me the job of a lifetime but were seeking my help and advice on other people.

‘Money can’t buy’ offers are limited in the loyalty factor

I read your news article on The Loyalty Practice research into brand building (“Money can’t buy” offers are key to brand loyalty, MW 14 October). While it is true that keeping consumers loyal is down to far more than simple price discounts, I think the notion of building loyalty through ‘money can’t buy’ extras may only appeal to a limited demographic. The UK is still in a recession and many consumers are fundamentally rethinking the way they interact with brands, and changing lifetime habits to fit with their new circumstances.

Ads can fit the bill

It’s great to see advertising on bills becoming something that people are more open to (“Advertising on bills makes a statement”, MW last week). While several types of businesses know a great deal about their customers’ interests to provide targeted advertising, one clearly stands above the rest. Telecom providers, such as phone (fixed and mobile), cable and ISPs, have the in-depth subscriber knowledge to ensure all advertising is highly targeted, personalised and relevant to the individual. If handled correctly, this approach can be very successful and, most important, non-intrusive.

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