28 October 2010


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The Secret Marketer on the effects of the spending cuts

Winter has arrived and boy what a change it makes to consumer behaviour. I am a prime example. Draped in my new jacket and chunky knitwear, I leave for work and return home in the dark, drink record levels of cappuccinos, reacquaint myself with soup at lunchtime and am dangerously tempted by the warmth of […]

Mark Ritson: Gullwings land Mercedes in lap of luxury

I was busted last week. The missus caught me, bang to rights, checking out the most gorgeous figure I’d ever laid eyes on. She had a stunning profile and the kind of derriere that makes men go weak at the knees. She was German, of course – it was unmistakably part of her feline assurance as she passed me.

Focus on the inside job to gain respect

In promoting the function and discipline of marketing as a driver of growth and a valuable link between a business and its customers, we can’t live in a bubble. A theme that I see emerging from our content is the need for marketing to link effectively with every other part of the business and use […]

Sky hints at promoting phone and HD products

Sky: 10 million customer target

BSkyB could increase cross-promotion of its broadband, telephone and television services as the media company nears its 10 million customer target. Sky acquired 96,000 new customers in the three months to 30 September, bringing its total base to 9.956 million, according to its latest quarterly results. The media company issued a statement that hinted at […]

Stuart Smith on Chevron’s latest charm offensive

Chevron, the second largest US oil group and owner of the Texaco brand, launched a major corporate social responsibility charm offensive this week. Days later, it announced it is resuming oil exploration in the Gulf Mexico. Are these two things by any chance connected? And, less rhetorically, is this connection wise? The CSR offensive, which […]

PR can take the lead

Clearly, the rise of social media plays to PR agencies’ natural strength because we have always traded on dialogue and brand conversations.Yet Michael Nutley appears skeptical about PR agencies’ claims to a seat at the top table in the ’strategic space’ in digital marketing (MW 7 October). While he has a point, whoever told him […]

Beware the vapid price trap

BOGOFs: There are alternatives

Your recent article ’Promo junkies become hooked on a quick fix’ (MW 21 October), points to the uncomfortable truth that many brands and retailers are having to face up to. The pursuit of the adrenalin shot that price-based promotions can give has left many with an image hangover, and a sense of their brand values […]

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