29 April 2010

Positive news as marketing budgets rise

The gentle increase in marketing budgets across the board in this week’s Bellwether Report (MW 22 April) makes for positive reading. As Rory Sutherland points out, while online activities lead the turnaround it’s also encouraging to see that conventional advertising has now also turned the corner.

Brand clubs a great way to add value

Passion is a powerful force in marketing, and customer clubs are a great way to tap into and nurture passionate brand fans (Engagement Moves into Club Class Environment, MW 22 April).

Local opportunities

It was fantastic to see community-led marketing being given the space it deserves with your cover story feature (Local Strategies for Local People, MW 15 April). It’s about time marketers woke up to its potential. Location-based media was valued at $34m (£22m) last year, but is expected to reach $4bn (£2.6bn) by 2015, so clearly this is a quiet revolution that is set to explode.

Countries are countries, not brands

Mark Ritson

The World Cup approaches and, once again, the English nation hopes against hope that it can win the tournament and finally end 44 years of hurt. Meanwhile, in South Africa the dreams are just as bold but aimed in a very different direction. FIFA’s World Cup presents its hosts with, what they believe to be, their biggest ever opportunity to build a stronger country brand.

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