29 August 2013

Embrace your inner geek and be a better marketer


Technology is one of the 12 core elements of the Modern Marketing Manifesto formulated by Marketing Week and Econsultancy. We propose that to be a modern marketer you must be comfortable and adept at procuring and using technology. We believe modern marketers will have increasing ownership of technology.

New sales shouldn’t be all that people care about

Secret Marketer

This week I have been discussing a new approach to measuring customer satisfaction within our business. The method that we have used for years no longer tells us what our customers really believe. At the same time, our business reported its quarterly results and I have been struck by the predictable focus on one thing – our sales growth figures.

Marketer 2 marketer: Sarah Warby, Sainsbury’s

Sarah Warby Sainsburys

Also in this story Inisde Sainsbury’s: Its marketing team explains the retailer’s winning strategy Q&A: How Sainsbury’s approaches insight, with Alex Owens, head of insight, data, tools and segmentation Claire Harper, Founder, IndiaCoco and former marketing director at Mamas and Papas and head of online at Sainsbury’s, asks: “The brand’s involvement with the Paralympics was a […]

Does your CEO surpass the Windows test?

Mark Ritson

How do you know if your chief executive is crap? It’s a question rarely asked by those further down the organisational ladder – especially humble marketers. The combination of corporate culture, dissonance reduction and internal propaganda usually befuddle most employees into believing that their ultimate boss is an amazing, charismatic genius who can do no wrong.

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