Forget e-commerce; social commerce is where it’s at

Plans from Facebook that will enable users to buy products without leaving the site could have major implications for etailers. New buzz word ahoy! Yes, for those of you who have been eagerly awaiting the latest phrase with which to impress your less digitally inclined friends and colleagues, I give you: “social commerce”. As a […]

PR’s not just spin, it’s brand management

With Tony Hayward now having been officially relieved of his duties as chief executive of BP, the crisis management plan and communications strategy at all our own businesses should be brought under some serious scrutiny. It is no accident that Aviva CMO Amanda Mackenzie has responsibility for PR, public affairs and internal communications incorporated into […]

Suffering from double vision

This year’s Marketing Week Insight Show was amazing – and terrifying. Between “research” data and “customer” data, vast amounts of knowledge is accumulated and we all know real insight comes from combing primary research alongside customer data to create an alliance of facts, stronger than each individual segment alone.

One-flavour thinking

Ben & Jerry’s has recently dropped its email marketing in the UK to concentrate solely on social media. Should this become a trend across other big brands, it would spell disaster for their marketing efforts.

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