29 November 2012

Too many brands spoil the strategy

Mark Ritson

If there are two hot topics that surmount all others when it comes to brand strategy in 2012, they are surely brand architecture and brand portfolio. At first sight these may appear to be relatively minor, rather superficial topics. The vast majority of organisations have never actually explicitly considered how many brands they need (their portfolio) or the manner in which those brands are combined or kept separate in the consumer’s mind (brand architecture).

A history of innovation in payments

1966 The first credit card in the UK is issued by Barclaycard 1967 First cash machine introduced to the UK The first ATMs predated plastic cards, so cheques impregnated with radioactive carbon 14 were used Also in this story: Is it the end of the line for cash? Read the cover feature here MasterCard’s Marion […]

Explained: Innovations in cashless payment and digital currency


Square Based in the US, Square is a payment solution that offers a register and a wallet. Square Register serves as a free full point-of-sale system for businesses to accept payments, track inventory and monitor daily reports. Square Wallet is an app that enables customers to buy items directly from their mobile device. Also in […]

The art of the cross-seller

What is the prevailing view on cross-selling and up-selling? In my business, we “bank” a few extra quid on every sale to a new customer on the basis that we are confident we can sell them something else. In fact, some of our pricing decisions are based on this assumption. For a generally risk-averse business, this seems somewhat optimistic.

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