29 September 2005

Chrysalis Radio launches new division

Chrysalis Radio is launching a division called Insight to develop audiences and revenue through listener research. John Fryers, the company’s former head of research and business development, will head the division.

Those days spent lazing in the pub are numbered

A couple of decades after Space Invaders conquered the world, another Japanese craze is sweeping all before it. Open any newspaper or magazine, and before long you’ll find a Sudoku puzzle, often filling the space where the old-fashioned crossword used to be. But it’s not just the newspapers - even a visit to the pub is […]

Living it Larger in da forum

Word reaches the Diary of an innovative approach to livening up marketing conferences. As the capabilities of PowerPoint are stretched to the limit and the speechwriters use up their best tricks, one man has come up with a new way to keep his audience riveted – or awake, at any rate. Christian Larger, chairman of […]

A truly working proposition will oil the cogs of business

In a world where people rely on machines to do what they are supposed to, it is pricing transparency and automation that really count, as Dealgroupmedia discovered to its cost This thought crossed my mind in recent days as I watched a replay of the dot-com boom and bust. Well, maybe not exactly, but if […]

Clearing the clouds?

Sunny D took the market by storm on its launch. But it was hit by scandal and has languished ever since. Mark Choueke sizes up the latest revamp Sunny D, originally Sunny Delight, has been officially relaunched twice and repositioned several times in an attempt to find a way back into parents’ hearts. The battered […]

What are you talking about?

While twentysomething, London-based marketers are tripping over themselves to sell us the latest digital gadget to be released, the majority of people in the UK don’t know a podcast from a weblog The number of UK households with broadband internet access has doubled in the past 12 months, rising to more than 8 million (MW […]

Agencies have woken up and are ready to enter the new era

Despite facing an unprecedented rate of technological change, the advertising industry has not stagnated or gone into retreat, as the AdForum Global Summit showed. By David Wethey Imagine the scene: 27 agency search consultants from across the globe gathering for a week in New York to visit 20 of the world’s leading agencies en masse. […]

Is the game all in the name?

Agencies with trendy, single-word names have fared well in this year’s survey, but clients can recognise strong work, whatever name agencies have decided to adopt. By David Reed The names have changed, but does the game remain the same? The Promotional Marketing Agency Reputations survey throws up a critical question about agency branding each year […]

Going back to the floor

Gathering feedback from employees can provide a useful insight into the way a company is run, highlighting any problems and raising valuable suggestions for improvement, says Alicia Clegg Brand consultants tell a story about a hotel that boasted of its dedication to customers. A businessman arrived late one night buffeted and battered by a nightmare […]

Affairs of status

Although regarded as essential, marketing has long been seen by directors and shareholders as something of a lightweight discipline, not fit for a place on the board. Tesco has done much to change this perception, and now it seems other companies are catching on. By David Benady Marketers have long felt powerless to influence the […]

Paying the penalty

Premiership fans are abandoning the stands, put off by high ticket prices, the growing number of live matches on TV, and the clubs’ preoccupation with the business side of the beautiful game. To tackle the problem, the Premier League has set up a working party. Robert Lester reports Even the most hardened cynic would have […]

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