29 September 2011

Brand valuations do not always tell the full story


Let’s say you are going to sell your house. You bring in two different real estate agents to value your property. The first agent comes in and inspects your house thoroughly and tells you that based on his expert opinion it is worth £430,000. The next day the second agent calls, she has reviewed the […]

HR chiefs need to become better marketers

Just what it is about internal announcements? Whether it be for reasons of HR protocol, corporate blandness or sheer laziness on behalf of the author, they tend to be hopelessly formulaic. When you receive an email with an employee’s name in the subject line, you know what’s coming next: “Dave Bloggs has decided that he […]

The Met may never crush negative brand perceptions


The tragedy of the Met is that it stubbornly remains too removed from society to ever be able to crush its negative brand perceptions. Just over a week ago, the Metropolitan Police withdrew a complex, devious and, as it turned out, ill-advised attempt to strangle confidential sources out of The Guardian newspaper relating to its […]

Forever 21 story could affect almost any brand


The world’s a funny old place, full of contradictions. The global economy is on its knees and yet luxury firm Hermes, where handbags can cost an astronomical £50,000, is worth nearly €28bn. Technology retailer Apple has more cash than the US government. It appears accessories are worth more to us than whole countries. ’Fast fashion’ […]

Be inspired by B2B


It comes as no surprise to see the growing power of B2B brands (Cover Story, MW 8 September), but while the high-profile sponsorship deals, celebrity endorsements and slick TV ads may get all the attention, the common factor that really underpins the success of the top B2B brands is the relentless pursuit of customer insight. […]

Google Wallet is more than a one-tap payment system

The news that Google Wallet has gone live in the US has brought with it a flurry of excitement in the media (MarketingWeek.co.uk 20 September). There are, however, plenty of payment mechanisms out there already and consumers aren’t demanding another one. What is interesting about this is the opportunities beyond payments. For example, consider tapping […]

…And scrutiny of our practices

Unicef’s report into childhood consumerism highlights the huge social responsibility of the marketing industry. The Chartered Institute of Marketing believes it is time to look at what we’re doing as marketers more critically because, as highlighted in Unicef’s report, marketing can have unintended social consequences. Through a paper issued last week, the CIM is setting […]

Cleaning up TV for young takes a team effort…

Unicef’s call for a ban on television advertising to under-12s (MarketingWeek.co.uk 14 September) along with culture secretary Jeremy Hunt’s RTS Cambridge speech calling for a cross-media approach to regulation are signs of an increasing concern over what children are exposed to. However, this growing awareness, starting with the Bailey Report back in June, should not […]

Event apps raise the bar

Your article on the growing use of apps and QR codes for exhibitions and other events (Innovation Update, MW 15 September) highlights a trend that we’ve seen growing for some time. As well as the apps made specifically for trade shows to give extra information to attendees and get information from them, there are other […]

How to give your image makeover mass appeal


What’s in a name? Your brand’s reputation if a change in identity fails to win over consumers. Laura Snoad learns how marketers have successfully rebranded their companies and the pitfalls to avoid. Rebranding may offer the carrot of greater recognition and new interest from customers, but its ability to cause anger as Royal Mail’s brief […]

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