2nd December 2010

The Secret Marketer on legendary entrepreneurs

I recently read Sir Richard Branson’s autobiography. From student magazines to the music, airline and financial services empires that were to follow, this rollercoaster story can’t help but get your entrepreneurial juices flowing. It was ironic that I took Losing My Virginity with me on a Virgin Trains service between London and Manchester. As I […]

Qantas using crisis to build reputation


Through the clouds above a freezing cold London sky it appeared first as a giant shadow and then gradually took form. Only after it landed at Heathrow could anyone make out the red and white livery and the Kangaroo on its tail. Qantas’ first A380 flight since one of its fleet suffered engine trouble over […]

web comment

All puff of a decision?The story that tobacco companies could be forced to sell cigarettes in plain brown packaging sparked much debate online: As a ex smoker, I’m all for making smoking less appealing to cut the numbers of people who smoke. But when I started smoking, the brand, packaging and logos had no influence […]

HMV’s fashion fix

Clothes line: Is own-brand too far?

HMV’s move into fashion earlier in the year made perfect sense. With its traditional reliance on CD and DVD sales it needed to look further afield, and there is undoubtedly a natural affinity between music and fashion. However, developing an own-brand range is a very different proposition from stocking established labels. It requires careful planning […]

Taking data for data’s sake

The influence of data protection policies on how marketers use data comes down to two vital points (MW 18 November): do we really need to collect personal data and if we do, how do we keep it secure? While accurate information is a priority for brands in acquiring and retaining customers, much of the time […]

Government must act on online advice

The revolution to public sector digital services that government digital champion Martha Lane Fox called for. coupled with the demand to make government services easier to access, really is the best of news. Retailers and online businesses have for many years recognised and actively pursued not only the increased revenue available online, but also the […]

Will Weight Watchers serve up sorry dish?

Muddled message?Weight Watchers

Ruth Mortimer’s first-class column on Weight Watchers says it all (MW 18 November). Counting calories may lead to weight loss but it’s a miserable way to live, and I have worked with more casualties of calorie-counting diets than of any other kind. Having pushed the calorie system for so long, it seems almost unbelievable that […]

When a little chutzpah goes a long, long way


As many economies teeter on the brink, one small state continues to lead the world. So what has Israel got that others haven’t? Innovation is this season’s must-have. The economy may have avoided a double dip but consumer demand is taking longer to lift. The patient seems to have lost his appetite. Fresh, tasty morsels […]

Why advertising is a redundant word


I’m frustrated. Credos has already begun the important work it was created to carry out. The independently governed think-tank, funded by you the industry, has one simple mission – to promote the wider “understanding of advertising”. Credos is the brainchild of Tim Lefroy, chief executive of the Advertising Association, while Karen Fraser is director and […]

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