At last, the ‘cool’ factor is in sight for Google Glass


It started out as just a night at the movies. In January, a local man took his wife to Easton Mall in Ohio to watch the new Jack Ryan spy film – Shadow Recruit. Half-way through, fiction suddenly turned into frightening reality when he was approached by a man from Homeland Security. The officer snatched the man’s spectacles off his face and insisted he, and his wife, immediately leave the theatre.

Letters: Meet the locals

Your article ‘New leverage in local media?’ rightly highlights the massive opportunity presented by the local TV revolution for brands seeking to reach new audiences. Over the past year we have worked closely with the Local TV Network to create a sustainable model for local channels that has broken down prohibitive barriers to entry such […]

Too many communications fail to cut through the noise

One thing that I am keen for my team to do is benefit from external stimuli – in terms of learning how other brands do it. Recently, we invited a ‘guru’ to talk to us about the art of creativity, and a dozen of the smarter people in my business gathered to see what we were missing.

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