3 February 2011

Is your price strategy broken?


Retail is a fiercely competitive sector, but exclusive research shows that while shops might try to beat each other on price, consumer perceptions of how cheap or expensive brands are is not as simple as seeing what rings up when the barcode is swiped.

Data’s self regulation is just the start

It is certainly a relief that, according to IAB research, consumers are now “comfortable” with the use of behavioural targeting when the methodology and processes are explained to them (MW 20 January), though the research actually serves to highlight how much more work is necessary. The data marketing industry’s sincere and stringent selfregulation after recent […]

It’s sink or swim time

Your article on the Bellwether survey (MW 20 January) highlights that the majority of consumers have had to remodel their spending, and this will deepen as austerity measures sink in. Yet there have been some increases in marketing spend linked to these developments. Retailers and brands have had to redesign their products with new price […]

Achieving the Big Society

Your feature on coalition collaborations (MW 20 January) raised some interesting issues where the Big Society is concerned. Although I agree that it will take more than a voucher scheme to convince critics of their worth, the point that businesses and society need each other cannot be ignored. I agree with the views of Michael […]

Revolutions in store

For too long, the promotional sector has been disregarded as antiquated by those who feel that newer techniques can and should replace those traditionally used in-store. But, as Mary-Lou Costa rightly points out in ’Shop floors get a technological transformation’ (MW last week), “technology is blurring the line between online and offline to such an […]

Are you being served by thirst for innovation?


With more booze being consumed at home rather than in licensed premises, research exclusive to Marketing Week suggests brands that come up with new ways of serving drinks will be the ones popping the champagne corks. Gone are the days where breweries’ fortunes are made from workers stopping off for a pint in the pub […]

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