The agency has completely gone off-piste… Are these the same guys that weeks earlier appeared to be surefire winners?

I have just returned from a meeting with our design agency. We recently appointed it after a pitch process to revamp one of our most established brands. I am not sure that there is anything fundamentally wrong with the positioning of the brand, but the packaging looks a little outdated and is in need of some tender loving care to restore it to former glories.

Too many databases spoils the picture of the customer

I enjoyed your article on data (“Intelligent use of data earns consumer trust”, MW 20 May). However, I did feel that it overlooked a stumbling block which many brands seem to come up against – too many cooks! Or in the marketers case, too many databases.

The Wenlock effect


I have just managed to recover myself from the howls of laughter that Mark Ritson’s article induced in this week’s edition (MW 27 May).
Absolutely brilliant!

Coalition is all the rage

The current political situation is like a soap opera waiting to unfold. Getting coalitions to work is a tough job and is something that takes a lot of time and patience – perhaps not ideal in the political world.

Why Apple’s in a profits league of its own


Last week, Apple overtook Microsoft as the world’s most valuable technology company. How has it managed to be so successful? Pundits love to say “innovation”, but if you go beyond the generic answer and break down the specific steps in Apple’s business model, an intriguing picture emerges.

Take your inspiration from a higher level

It seems that insurer Prudential, recently in the headlines for proposing one of the largest and most audacious deals ever by a British company, is about to hit the skids. Though nothing will be made formal until a shareholder vote next Monday, it appears that Prudential’s proposed $35.5bn (£24.6bn) takeover of AIA, the Asian insurance arm of its rival AIG, is dead.

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