Viewers relax to brands on the box


Exclusive research following Ofcom’s decision to allow brands to be promoted in UK TV shows conveys a public more amenable to product placement than last year, writes MaryLou Costa. After nearly two years of public discussion the arrival of product placement on UK television this week was highly anticipated, hotly debated, feared by some and […]

Q+A: Mark Haviland, marketing director at CNN International EMEA


Why unpredictability will be CNN’s advantage: Long seen as an American channel, CNN is pushing its role as an international broadcaster by promoting its global news coverage with the ’Go beyond borders’ campaign – and by hiring newspaper editor-turned-TV show host Piers Morgan. What is CNN International’s brand positioning? The way we position the brand […]

Orange card is all about loyalty

Orange is causing much debate in the financial services sector with its launch of the UK’s first major contactless pre-paid card. Among its many virtues, the card will allow customers to make fast payments on the high street, without the worries of carrying cash or spending beyond their budgets. These qualities are particularly ideal for […]

Door drop may be a dinosaur but it still kicks

Your article about the spike in use in door drop marketing (MW February 10) was illuminating. Unaddressed mail is often derided, a bit like a classic car – attractive but old-fashioned. However, in modern times this is one dinosaur that still kicks like a T-Rex. As the article points out, technology is very much behind […]

Paywalls not the only answer

It is interesting to see that The Sun is delaying putting its content behind a paywall. The commercial success of the online paywalls implemented by The Times and The News of the World is still under scrutiny, as The Sun looks for ways of monetising the relationship with visitors to the site. There are significant […]

The teen collectors

Habbo: Teens turn to virtual items

Your Children’s Collectables feature (MW 17 February) showed that books are the item most collected by children aged 6 to 11. Beyond the age of 11, The Marketing Store’s Wendy Lanchin states that interest in collecting begins to drop off as the audience become teenagers and shift their interests online. However, collecting is alive and […]

Behind closed doors


Is your brand ready for some home truths? For brands to find a place in today’s homes, marketers must look past family stereotypes, according to an exclusive survey which goes behind people’s front doors to reveal the true nature of households’ relationships with brands.

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