3 November 2005

Philips’ simple, sharing solution may prove to be a digital triumph

Philips isn’t a brand you would instantly associate with the digital age, but its ‘Sense and Simplicity’ global brand campaign could change how it is viewed It’s hard enough being a consumer in this category right now, but spare a thought for those responsible for bringing such wonders to market. You would need the wisdom […]

A Black Hole two ‘L’ keeps the Diary in this DM purgatory

A couple of weeks ago, the Diary allowed itself to be drawn into a bit of direct marketing one-upmanship, when Philip (one “l”) Crick of The Black Hole was startled to see “himself” on a rival agency’s mailer (MW October 20). Phil’s real beef, however, was with the mis-spelling of his name (with two “l”s). […]

Blacker gives them the bird in Charlton chef-off

Given all the free lunches and lavish hospitality they enjoy, it’s a wonder that any marketing manager can work out how to plug in a toaster, never mind rustle up a bit of haute cuisine. However, Mark Blacker, marketing chief at independent foodservice company Charlton House, knows his onions. Blacker came second in the Charlton […]

An industry with a choice of chasms

Worldwide marketing services networks are facing a “cliff-edge moment” according to one of the advertising industry’s most experienced operators. What Maurice Lévy, head of the world’s fourth-largest network group, Publicis, had in mind was the medium term and what he sought to convey by the graphic image of a cartoon wolf pedalling furiously in the […]

Customer service is falling through the Net

Robert Dwek’s final comment piece (MW October 24) brought to light some concerning issues surrounding online customer service. It is a worry that online shops, such as Amazon, seem to have prioritised company growth to the detriment of customer focus. Particularly since many dot-coms were founded on their customer service beliefs and the fact that […]

Audi oversteers in quest for brand awareness

Gary Savage was not wrong when he said that Audi’s new channel will “potentially” reach 21 million people. (“Audi move into branded TV braves the sceptics”, MW October 27). At present 7.2 million homes are subscribed to the Sky platform, but figures from existing sports channels show that viewing figures for fringe sports can be […]

When the reader’s viewpoint is positive

The Interactive Viewpoints supplement (MW October) is one of the best supplements I have ever come across. Very interesting articles from top level individuals. Paul Richards Director, media analyst Numis Securities London EC2

Don’t over-estimate the role of the AAR

Roster reviews are a mammoth task for the Central Office of Information (COI) team involved, so we were puzzled to read your report that for direct and relationship marketing agencies, “the process was conducted by the AAR” (MW October 13). Roster reviews involve a rigorous and transparent process of several stages that requires a considerable […]

Mums are the word for new Sunny D owners

In a recent Marketing Week article, a “brand expert” criticised the move by Sunny D’s new owner to set up a Parents Advisory Group, saying that it shouldn’t be used as a replacement for research or as a publicity stunt (MW October 13). Neither is in fact the case. The aim of the group is […]

Inequality is the rule right across the board

I read with interest your analysis on Neil French’s comments and sexism in advertising (“French’s outburst triggers fresh debate on sexism”, MW October 27). It is worth noting that the trend of few women achieving senior roles is not just limited to advertising – it is noticeable across all marketing disciplines, my own included. Having […]

The time has come to put the CAP on viral ads

Martin Croft’s news story (“ASA investigates ‘violent’ Mortal Kombat viral ad”, MW October 6) highlights the current confusion surrounding viral advertising and whether it should fall under the regulatory remit of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) or not. A strong case can be made that because a viral campaign uses e-mail as its primary delivery […]

Survey suggests brands and public likely to welcome .eu

New research from Web-hosting and domain-name registration portal Hostway shows that UK companies are keen to adopt the .eu suffix for their companies and that nearly two-thirds (64 per cent) believe the new domain name will be important to their European business. This will be promising news to marketers such as NetNames’ Jonathan Robinson, who […]

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