3 October 2013


Ray Kieser, Group Managing Director – SGK Europe, has drafted a letter in response to the piece on ‘The New Law of Being Average’. The concept of brands striving to be ‘average’ is profoundly limiting. I challenge anyone who believes that brand performance can be attained by aiming at average. Mass market yes, and category leading, […]

There is still much to be said for consumer retention

Secret Marketer

I recently gave a presentation at a conference about the relationship between sales and marketing and was set up in a debate with a salesman who had little time for the art of our profession. In the end we did find things to agree on, which ties with my experience – that there’s a symbiotic relationship between sales and marketing in most businesses.

Mark Ritson: Marketers, take off the beer goggles and get real

Of all the academic research published, the most intriguing and entertaining has always been by public health researchers on driving impairment. Since the 1950s, researchers have paid undergraduate ‘subjects’ (who will do almost anything for free booze) to drive round a test circuit, drink three large glasses of wine and then redo the task. A generation of students have confirmed the finding that when people are slightly drunk they don’t drive very well.

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