Our industry can help save the nation’s finances

Ruth Mortimer

Britain’s economy shrank by 0.3 per cent in the last three months of 2012. With the threat of a triple-dip recession on the horizon, it’s perfect timing for a report from the Advertising Association and Deloitte that claims that for every £1 spent on advertising in the UK, £6 is generated for the wider economy. Since annual ad spend hit £16bn in 2011, that equals an addition of £100bn to the UK’s gross domestic product.

Viewpoints: Could we advertise ourselves out of recession?

Also in this story Rebuilding Britain: Could we advertise ourselves out of recession? (Cover story) Rt Hon Maria Miller MP Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport The UK’s advertising industry is among the best in the world. And in today’s economic global race, it has a huge role to play in boosting the […]

Could EU stop EE and O2 in their tracks?…

Perhaps it’s surprising that EE and O2 have only recently announced new ‘big data’ insight services as a way to monetise their mobile network data. Having seen a presentation from one of them at a conference last year, illustrating the potential power that lies within its data, I know that the service will be of […]

Rebuilding Britain


Advertising pays, that much is accepted, but to what extent does it actually boost the economy? According to an exclusive report from the Advertising Association, it contributes £100bn a year.

Good impressions count in the workplace too

Secret Marketer

When the story of ‘The Ball Boy and the Professional Footballer’ grabbed the headlines last week, what surprised me most was that most people – on social media channels at least – sided with ‘Goliath’ (the footballer) against ‘David’ (the 17-year old ball boy). My question in the whole affair is where did the ball boy learn about time wasting and feigning an injury? The answer is from the heroes he watches every day out on the football pitch.

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