31 March 2011

Web comment: what you said

Evolving marketingMark Ritson’s column about the need to retain knowledge of marketing’s founding principles and not to be distracted by jargon continues to generate huge debate (www.mwlinks.co.uk/ RitsonReinventors): In his leader some months ago, Mark Choueke talked about the fact marketers can’t seem to make themselves heard on the top table. Perhaps Mark Ritson points […]

PR – bite the bullet

I’d like to follow up points made in your Innovations Update article discussing the role of social media in giving PR more bite (MW last week). Two very valid comments stood out for me. First, Apollo Cinemas marketing manager’s view that too many PR agencies treat twitter as a single, standalone channel to market, and […]

The power of the inbox is about to grow and spread

More power to your inbox’ (MW last week) was a great article disputing the much-touted view that social media is killing email. Countless pieces of research show this isn’t the case and in fact email continues to grow in influence. As the article discussed, email has evolved hugely in the past few years and sophisticated […]

Does global have to mean going vanilla?

The picture painted by The Secret Marketer of “committee-based global brand management” in his column (MW 10 March) is not at all uncommon. In fact, we have research which shows that less than 15% of today’s organisations fully agree that their own global brands are being managed effectively. Many companies struggle to find the right […]

Becoming at ease with social

It’s a great to see businesses using social media properly, that is pull not push (Make trends and influence people, Digital Strategy, MW last week). Hopefully we’re getting away from the idea that all corporate involvement in social media must be motivated solely by greed. We all like to play around on Twitter and Facebook; […]

Brands turn the tables on old-school media owners


As the boundaries between the customer and consumer titles blur, Michael Barnett discovers that brands are using interactive technology to engage audiences and win the circulation war. Customer magazines have for some time been challenging consumer titles for newsstand sales and circulation numbers – eight of the top 10 UK magazines by circulation are customer […]

Isolate users to fulfil your web potential


Brands must work out how best to segment their audiences online to ensure relevance, according to a new study. Segmenting an audience may be a fundamental marketing tool, but a report seen exclusively by Marketing Week suggests that brand heads need to better segment their audiences in terms of how they are talking about their […]

Blood, sweat and tears


Emotion is just the ticket for Eurosport: Eurosport’s reach may extend further than any other pan-European TV channel, but chief executive Laurent-Eric Le Lay wants to add emotion to its mix in the run-up to London 2012.

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