The Secret Marketer: national brands should support local community

Secret Marketer

We have reached the start of what promises to be the most amazing summer in the UK… ever! Before the London Olympics get under way, we have the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee to celebrate. My partner and I are busy organising a street party to mark the occasion. I am still not sure whether we volunteered […]

Some valuable lessons to learn?

It was great to read that those brands which have a purpose beyond profit have increased in value by 87% over five years, whereas those that are not ideals-driven have grown only 43%. Brands with ethical, as well as rational and emotional values, are winning customer hearts and minds. Also good to see that brands […]

Loyalty tools at their best

It’s not surprising consumers were found to be frustrated when loyalty programmes don’t use their data to tailor rewards ( However, there are many high street brands getting it right. Segmentation is crucial to any loyalty scheme’s success. But, for it to really hit home, brands must build their knowledge of the customer across every […]

Ability to handle change can increase your value

Ruth Mortimer

“Change is a constant today,” admits Cathryn Sleight, global vice-president of marketing for Knorr. Sleight knows all about change after seeing her role as marketing director for Coca-Cola Great Britain and Ireland become redundant following a restructure in 2010.

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