31 October 1996

Snow White enjoys New Labour

Kimberly Fortier, new publisher at The Spectator, recently attended a lunch organised by PR company Hobsbawm MacCaulay. Fortier was apparently nick-named Snow White after she revealed she once played the role at Disney World. Labour Party spin doctor Peter Mandelson MP soon took his place next to her. However, it was not long before Mandelson […]

Should retailers want to be alone?

Sainsbury’s announcement that it is launching a fully-fledged banking service elicited a predictable response: it is a me-too effort designed to trump Tesco, which continues to hold most of the aces. Trailing profit figures from Sainsbury this week will do nothing to belie this picture: they will confirm just how strong Tesco’s hand is – […]

CIA picks up 4m double brief

CIA Medianetwork has defeated two incumbents to win the centralised 4m media buying and planning account for Schwarzkopf hair care and Henkel Cosmetics. The accounts move from MBS Media, which handled the Gliss hair care brand for Schwartzkopf, and Optimedia, which has lost the Henara hair care and Thera-Med toothpaste brands from Henkel. The centralisation […]


The latest survey from the IPA highlights growing dissatisfaction with the effectiveness of above-the-line methods. But a more discerning clientele could benefit the industry as a whole, pushing agencies to provide better value and a more stre

Littlewoods battles on against Lottery Goliath

It was never going to be easy for the Pools companies to take on the National Lottery, as Littlewoods has found to its cost with the withdrawal of one of the keystones of its attack, the Quick Pix coupon (MW last week). Quick Pix was launched in October 1995 to attract players who didn’t follow […]

Fall in ITV revenue forecast

ITV’s revenue is likely to fall from 71 per cent of TV revenue in 1995 to just 60 per cent in 2000, according to an agency forecast. ITV’s revenue in 2000 will increase to 1.68m from 1.62m in 1995, which is a fall in real terms once inflation is taken into account, says J Walter […]

Alcopops are tops with kids, survey claims

Alcoholic lemonade is the second most fashionable drink after Coca-Cola among children as young as 12, says a new report on school children’s attitudes. The findings of the survey by the Media Business Group are further evidence that drinks firms are appealing to children with the marketing and packaging of alcopops brands. It shows the […]


United Distillers, the leading spirits company is linking with Interflora to offer doorstep deliveries of Gordon’s gin and Glen Ord whisky with flowers. It is the first time Interflora has launched such a tie up with a brand company. It is in negotiations with other gift companies to develop similar links, and is close to […]


Retailers, utility companies and financial services organisations are building power blocks that will shape consumer marketing. But will they be able to hold the alliances together, and what happens to the players who can’t get into the game?

Creativity loses out to ad value

The previously localised Effie ad effectiveness awards are being extended across Europe as client companies seek greater accountability from their agencies. By John Shannon. John Shannon is president of Grey International

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