Viewpoint: Polaroid’s president and chief executive


In 2009 Polaroid was acquired by a group of private equity investors. We shifted the business model so that we went from being a vertical operating company into an intellectual property holding company that focuses on brand marketing and licensing.

Case study: Kestrel lager

Kestrel lager relaunched last week with a new design, new packaging and a new owner. Nigel McNally, a former marketing director at Wells & Young’s, acquired the brand from the drinks company at the end of last year and incorporated it into Brookfield Drinks, a new venture aimed at reviving neglected brands.

Comeback brands: Raising the dead


Golden Wonder, Kestrel lager and Polaroid are all staging comebacks – a risky plan considering the hostile economy and the fact consumers have long since moved on. Are they doomed to die again?

Welcome to a world where any consumer is a marketer

marc mathieu

Today, everyone is a marketer. Marketers: powered by digital, social and creative technologies. You tell your friends what they should buy, they tell you what you should buy. It’s everywhere. And there’s a trust that is infinitely greater than that found in whatever comes your way directly from large corporations.

Use brand power to help consumers in tough times

Lucy Handley

The Government reforms and cuts that started to take effect this week will make for grim reading for some: welfare benefits and tax credits, for example, will rise by only 1 per cent a year from next Monday instead of 2.2 per cent, in line with inflation. Meanwhile, the so-called ‘bedroom tax’ means those living […]

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