4 February 1999

Vauxhall tries to raise the general standard

Vauxhall made a small but significant shift in its advertising strategy this week. For the first time, it used a new version of its logo, depicting the Vauxhall griffin on a flag and the tagline: “Raising the standard” (MW January 28). The logo will run on all future ad-vertising and is likely to lead to […]

Ford takes pole-position in the battle for worldwide domination

It’s very nearly a decade since Ford Motor Company bought Jaguar for 1.6bn and I can still hear the howls of anguish from those who thought it was the death knell for this much-loved marque. As it has turned out, Jaguar is producing some of its prettiest and most highly engineered cars in decades, has […]

Koreans look to a global future

Advertising spend in Korea dropped at least 30 per cent last year, according to initial agency estimates. Agency staff numbers dropped about 20 per cent, while nearly 50 smaller agencies went to the wall. Now, as the industry enters its second year of deep recession, some of the global forces of change familiar to Western […]

Wrangler clash forces Lee to switch to younger market

Lee is to expand its product range into five clothing lines with a greater fashion influence, in an attempt to reposition the brand for a younger market. The overhaul of the VF Corporation-owned brand follows a general slump in sales of traditional denim and a recognition that Lee was chasing too many of its sister […]

Critical success not quite enough

Sceptics were ready to hammer the nails in the coffin of the niche title Sunday Business when it was relaunched a year ago this month. They doubted the wisdom of the Barclay brothers entering an over-crowded Sunday market with a title that had already failed under its poorly funded founder, Tom Rubython. But this has […]

Dome of Contention

Ninety per cent of the population believe the 758m Millennium Dome is too expensive and most people would prefer the money to be spent on hospitals, public health and education, according to an exclusive survey carried out by NOP for Marketing Week. Even so, more than a quarter of the adult population – nearly 14 […]


Outrider, the new media holdings division of Tempus Group, has moved again to strengthen its US operations by acquiring a 60 per cent stake in New England agency BrainBug (www.brainbug.com). According to Outrider chief executive Rob Norman: “BrainBug is a young and successful company that has consistently won and retained business. We see the company […]

Rejuvenated regional papers should reflect on Mirror’s cracks

I used to think regional newspapers were a backwater. Perhaps you did too. But events of the past year or two have forced a rethink. First there were those heavy-duty mergers and management buyouts, not least those of the Reed and Westminster Press regional titles to form Newsquest and those of United Media’s titles to […]

Fast forward through Europe

The video recorder has become an indispensable adjunct to modern living for the average UK household, with 92 per cent of homes in this country possessing one. Across Europe, 75 per cent of households have a VCR, with the UK having the highest penetration, and Italy and Germany the lowest, on 69 per cent and […]

In Full Swing

Historically, field marketing has been a part-time occupation, attracting a large number of working mothers and others who only want a few hours work a day. But this may soon become a thing of the past. Following changes in European employment legislation late last year, which gave part-timers rights on a par with their full-time […]

Nestlé loses ASA battle

Nestlé is to appeal against a highly embarrassing judgment which effectively throws out its advertising claims to be an ethical and responsible marketer of baby milk.

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