Social media marketing is not just for Christmas

Secret Marketer

My wife and I have just spent an incredible two weeks in a self-catering cottage in Scotland, lent to us by my brother-in-law. As part-payment, I agreed to build him a website and social media strategy, and impressed myself no end with what I was able to pull together. It’s amazing how many website templates are online and what astonishing results even a Luddite like me can build. And with the likes of Twitter and Facebook, it is even more  straightforward for small businesses to build a decent social media presence.

‘We all have a vested interest to overthrow the marketing status quo’

Branwell Johnson

An embarrassment of riches. That’s the perfect phrase to sum up all the learnings and insights delivered by more than 200 speaker sessions at Marketing Week Live (MWL) last week. Hundreds of marketers gathered to hear the latest thinking on strategy and innovation and meet suppliers that could provide clever solutions – all with the aim of helping brands gain that vital competitive edge.

A marketer’s guide to the changing landscape of gaming

Worldwide consumer spending on mobile games soared by 35 per cent last year, according to research by Newzoo, commissioned by games company GameHouse. This rapid growth means mobile now accounts for 18 per cent of the global market, with people splashing out a total of $12.3bn (£8bn).

‘Brazillians are rallying the ad slogan for their fight’

Mark Ritson

Consumer culture. It’s one of the most used and yet least understood concepts in the modern lexicon. It’s a phrase usually wheeled out when society is deemed to be spending too much or to describe the proliferation of brands on the high street. But the concept of consumer culture and its implications for society are far more complex and important than that.

Game on


Half the UK population are active gamers and the number of hours played has gone up 20 per cent. But with console play declining and mobile gaming on the rise, how can marketers make the most of this £45bn global market?

Creativity builds better connections

Ashley Friedlein is right to ask if creativity has got lost in the quest for bigger data. Creativity comes from empathy and understanding. The public service ad ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ was praised because its starting point was understanding that young people don’t respond to a wagging finger.

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