4 November 2010

Is Kraft killing the goose that lays the golden eggs?

stuart smith

Is the Kraft/Cadbury merger really working? Certainly, we are led to believe so by Kraft Food’s chairman and chief executive officer Irene Rosenfeld, who was over here last week rallying the troops. Back in September she told the Financial Times: “We feel terrific about the integration of Cadbury. One-third of Kraft’s top management is from […]

The Secret Marketer on cold calling by agencies


As a marketing director, I get my fair share of cold calls and new business mailings. Fewer people can be bothered to pick up the phone these days, most aim straight for my inbox. This approach may be faster, cheaper and some might argue has a greater chance of reaching me than a phone call, […]

Case study: StreetGames

To read the cover story relating to this ’Innovation will bear fruit despite budget squeeze’, click here To find out how charity Cache markets itself with limited resources, click here To read marketers’ viewpoints on doing more with less, click here A charity changing its marketing focus in the face of cuts One of the […]

Brands place trust in return to tradition


The latest annual DMA GAP tracking study, seen exclusively by Marketing Week, reveals physical direct mail is making a comeback but DM specialists will achieve more cut-through if they pay greater attention to consumers’opinions.

A new age of responsibility from oil firms?

Chevron: A new ‘caring’ ad drive

It seems we have the oil and gas giants positioning themselves post BP’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill (Stuart Smith on Chevron’s latest charm offensive, Best of the Blogs, http///stuart smithsblog.wordpress.com/). First we had Shell boss Peter Voser attacking BP over oil well safety, saying: “Shell would have drilled this well in a different way […]

Quantifying the social media sphere

Being able to identify, track and understand why customers share branded communication and information are some of the biggest challenges – and opportunities – facing brands today (“Customers under the influence”, Data Strategy, 14 October). I believe we should all be demanding the same ability to measure social media as we do currently with other […]

Keeping your customers happy with valued content

It is crucial to listen to your customers and respond in a relevant manner. But besides recommending against social media, Lou Cooper’s feature glossed over how brands can actually build a long-standing relationship with consumers (The secret to a good customer relationship, MW 21 October). It is no longer enough to focus on product offerings […]

Online growth spurt

Stories of growth always seem surprising in times of economic uncertainty, but strong ecommerce figures in Google’s research are less of a shock (UK internet economy worth £100bn, says Google, MarketingWeek.co.uk, October 28). Online shopping has proved a huge contributor to the UK internet industry’s value, but isn’t this natural in a climate where interest […]

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