5 August 2010

Thinking the unthinkable about how to do business

Some universally accepted beliefs about how to do business are just plain wrong, according to new myth-busting research. Marketing is full of myths. There are certain beliefs about how companies should do business that everybody seems to buy into. And like all good stories, as more people accept and pass them on, these myths gain […]

Mark Ritson: Why Ford’s focus is best in the business

Alan Mulally turns 65 this week. You might not know the name, but you surely know the company he leads. Mulally is the CEO of Ford. That might sound a pretty unpleasant role with all the challenges of declining sales, government bail-outs and union action. But Ford is different. And it’s different because of Alan Mulally.

Food safety is different from public health

Although your leader column on the future of the Food Standards Agency (MW 15 July) was overtaken slightly by events, it did contain some muddled thinking that I feel is worth addressing. The FSA has focused on a number of areas since it was founded in 2000, but its primary role has always been ensuring […]

Give and take of social media

I read with interest your spotlight on public relations (MW last week), and would agree with Jay O’Connor when she states that companies need to take an integrated approach to social media.

Twitter is sticking to the brief

My only concern with the PR industry’s use of social media (MW last week) is that it is making us obsessed with the medium, and in danger of ignoring the message.

PR involves more than just damage limitation exercises

The days of using PR as a channel for just selling products or services or managing damage limitation are long gone (MW last week), and looking at it purely from this view undervalues the massive role that it can play in driving new business, developing brand identity, improving brand loyalty and educating customers.

What a capital idea…


I was very interested to read your article on Garmin and City AM’s campaign to get people running in their lunch hours (MW last week).

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