5 January 2012

The Secret Marketer nominates his own Marketer of the Year

May I first wish all Marketing Week readers a very happy, healthy and hopefully even a little bit prosperous 2012. Looking back to last year, I enjoyed the run-up to Christmas greatly. At last some sentimental feelgood to soften the year end. That wonderful John Lewis TV advert accompanied by the inspirational composer Gareth Malone […]

Twitter’s brand ‘relaxation’ is just first step


Twitter allowing brands to be more creative and strategic on the platform (‘Twitter gets thumbs up for giving brands page control’, MW 15 December) is certainly a force to be reckoned with, when done right. Brands will be able to show off their personalities and push rich content into circles that are digital-hungry. However, a […]

Olympics are no brand aid


Mark Ritson states that “most of the companies big enough to afford an Olympic sponsorship and desperate enough to seek out global recognition are those most in need of reputational rescue” such as Dow Chemical, BP, and Lloyds TSB (MW 1 December). Does this logic also apply to McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Acer, Atos, GE, Omega, Panasonic, […]

CIM has opened way for debate


When I read Mark Ritson’s recent article attacking David Thorp and the CIM for producing the document Marketing and Sales Fusion (MW 15 December), it made me think of how Ned Ludd would have reacted when he first learned of the Spinning Jenny. Like Mr Ludd, Ritson has picked up the nearest sledgehammer and sought […]

Just what is it marketers are meant to do?


Is the role of marketing, as Mark Choueke’s editorial suggests (MW 15 December), to dupe consumers into buying inferior products when he asks: “Whose job is it to build the sort of brand power that sees McDonald’s and Coca-Cola as market leaders despite losing out in blind taste tests?” Bruce HarrisCustomer research managerJeyes

Tackling the digital media skills shortage


Much of the training in digital media skills (MW 1 December) does lag behind the adoption curve. This will always be the case with traditional courses because the digital marketing landscape is changing so quickly. To keep pace with this change we recommend marketing departments run at least a six-monthly skills review. The importance of […]

We remain ‘evil manipulators’ in 2012 as our impact grows


Fuck me, that went fast! I can hardly believe that 2011 is already over and yet here we are. So let me give you a tantalising insight into the months ahead as this new, recession-prone year coughs and splutters its way into existence. Let’s start with the subject of recession, because that’s the theme for […]

This is the year to take mobile more seriously


Mobile marketing has come of age thanks to social search, targeting and the ever-growing popularity of smartphones. A new advertising medium only comes of age when it discovers the thing it can do that no other medium in the market can. Before that point, it’s just a case of importing other advertising models. Take online. […]

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