5 October 1995


Rocked by a spate of top-level marketing departures and bad press, Eurotunnel has struggled in its first year. But the underlying problem is the massive debt from construction. Is there any light at the end of the tunnel, or is the only answe

TV sponsors in numbers game

In reference to your article “CU gets hot response to ITV branding” (MW September 22), it’s good to see some recognition of the contribution that TV sponsorship can make when properly exploited. I must correct you, however, for stating that this is the first time a response number has been included on-air as part of […]

Sock Shop starts first

Sock Shop is being relaunched with a new logo, redesigned packaging and fresh focus on specialist hosiery and socks. Fourteen months after entrepreneur Stephen Hinchliffe’s group Facia bought Sock Shop’s 87 outlets, its management has decided the chain needs an image lift. Sock Shop marketing director Dominic Ebery claims the relaunch will start in the […]

Quaker Oats hires Dairy Crest man

Quaker Oats has appointed Jeff Cowell to the new position of commercial director, cereals UK. UK country manager Kevan Lawton is leaving the company and will be “exploring a number career options”. Cowell is currently marketing director at Yoplait Dairy Crest. He was previously with Heinz. Cowell takes up his role next month and will […]

Cook Report

Sainsbury’s The Magazine has set a quality precedent in publishing. Martin Croft discovers its secret ingredient

ITV and Granada moot additional weekly episode of Coronation St.

ITV is negotiating with Granada over the production of a fourth weekly episode of Coronation Street for autumn 1996. No decision has been made on which night the new episode will run, but ITV sources believe Thursday and Saturday nights are the favourites. A weekend slot for the programme would suit the programme’s maker, Granada, […]

Triple Two Dogs creates outrage

Two Dogs, the Australian alcoholic lemonade distributed in the UK by Merrydown and Whitbread, is planning to launch a triple-strength version. The move has angered consumer watchdogs anxious about its effects on young and under-age drinkers. The brand has an alcoholic strength of four per cent alcohol by volume. Duncan MacGillivray, managing director of Two […]

BSkyB unveils next phase of autumn push

BSkyB has begun the next phase of its 18m marketing push, unveiling details of seven new satellite channels launching this autumn. National newspaper ads ran at the weekend proclaiming “The sky gets bigger tonight” to herald the UK launch of the Disney Channel on October 1. Six additional channels make their debut on November 1. […]


Despite its largely unnoticed arrival, digital radio could revolutionise listening habits and advertising

Kleenex to sponsor Talk Radio weepie

Talk Radio UK has attracted an ideal sponsor for its real-life “weepie slot”, Our Tune, on the new Simon Bates radio show. Kleenex Tissues has signed a six-figure deal to sponsor the programme for one year. Our Tune consists of listeners’ tales of tragedy and heart break, read out on-air and followed by a sentimental […]

Top exits rock Amstrad

Amstrad has been rocked by two senior departures from Amstrad Direct, a key sales operation which also handles its new beauty care brand Ultima (MW last week). Amstrad Direct managing director Lindsay McEwan quit the company last week. McEwan’s departure was quickly followed by the division’s commercial director, Phil Samson. No reason was given for […]

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