5 September 2013

A brave new world


As the UK economy shows signs of confidence, now is an opportune time for brands to consider overseas expansion. BRIC countries may seem the most obvious route, but other fast-growing markets could be a better prospect.

Life is one big dilemma – we offer ‘standardised’ services but are still desperate to be different

Secret Marketer

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about dichotomies and, principally, whether it is right to turn away business from a customer you feel does not comply with your own standards. The issue has come up again this week. Like many businesses, mine has been through a tough few years but we are starting to see some green shoots and, as such, now is as good a time as ever to redefine our vision and values, and ensure we are better prepared for growth than we were for recession.

Brands abroad: Top marketers give their views

Also in this story Brands abroad: British brands advise on how to expand and reach new markets Q&A: Sean Allam, director of commercial operations, John Lewis Top 5 tips for expanding abroad “A multi-channel approach to expansion allows British retailers to extend the reach of their brand quickly to new customers around the world and so […]

Facebook face-off

The simplification of Facebook’s rules on running promotions is welcome, but opens the door to two serious risks. First, the lower cost of entry could lead to a proliferation of promotions run by people who lack experience, undermining consumer trust. Second, the ability to enter a promotion or vote via the Facebook ‘like’ mechanism will […]

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