6 December 2012

Creating the ideal environment for innovative ideas to thrive

syl saller

I railed – politely for an American – in my last column against the evils of too much innovation process, an over-reliance on research, and a reluctance to experiment. So if that’s the list of traits to avoid, what should companies seeking to foster brilliant innovation focus on? Top of my list is developing talent […]

China’s economy: strong or stuttering?

Between July and September 2012, China recorded economic growth of 7.4 per cent: the lowest since the first quarter of 2009 when the global financial crisis was at its peak. It was also the seventh consecutive quarter that growth fell in the country.

Investing in China: PepsiCo (case study)

While Chinese companies are showing continued interest in the West, PepsiCo is looking east for inspiration. Last month it opened a new research and development centre in Shanghai. The facility is described as “a hub of new product, packaging and equipment innovation for PepsiCo’s businesses throughout Asia” and a means of improving R&D processes across the food and drinks group.

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