6 February 2014

Letters: Think small but also smart

It’s satisfying and timely to hear Mark Ritson call for a focus on Small Data over Big Data. A report published this week by The World Federation of Advertisers and The Customer Framework found that across 47 member organisations the secret to tangible data success needs is a strategic focus on what data is needed and how it […]

When to believe the hype


Brands are starting to use the ‘hype cycle’ as a shortcut for expressing where new technologies are in their lifecycle and basing business decisions on what they find. How can marketers use this framework to help develop new products and services?

Stop thinking like a marketer and let the value exchange guide you


Millennials “expect brands to live in the same world they live in, speak the same language about the same issues they care about, be humorous, or strike an emotional chord,” according to the Harvard Business Review. And it’s not just millennials – consumers aged between 18 and 34 – who feel that way. There is an increasing demand from all consumers for a genuine ‘value exchange’ between themselves and brands.

How you judge the hype cycle can make or break your brands

Ruth Mortimer

When should marketers take advantage of the hype about a new technology? Move too early and you’re the proud owner of a warehouse full of internet-enabled shoes while consumers are worried about leather soles. Move too slow and you may end up selling  standard shoes when the rest of the world is using their footwear as a wireless hotspot.

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