6 January 2011

The Secret Marketer is caught out at Heathrow


The new year cannot begin as badly as the hell caused by snow-induced travel chaos at the end of December. On the Sunday before Christmas I made one of the worst decisions of my entire career and opted to snow plough ahead with a business trip to Holland. The meeting was important, but not business […]

Groupon, the billionaire baby, learns to get picky

The two-year-old group coupon website that turned down a £4bn bid from Google has five winning marketing tricks. Where did you buy your Christmas gifts? For some of my friends, the retailer of choice was the website Groupon. The site offers daily discount deals by email – “£299 tooth whitening for £79” – that proved […]

If only retail pricing was as simple as VAT


If we lived in a rational, economic world in which firms set and changed prices in transparent and logical ways, Tuesday’s VAT increase from 17.5%to 20% would have resulted in a relatively straightforward, completely uniform and very minor rise in retail prices. The real world of pricing, however, is a much more mysterious place than […]

The ‘coalition consumer’

What consumer behaviours should marketers be mindful of as they plan for the year ahead? Food for thought is provided by The Coalition Consumer, a recent study by HPI Research in partnership with Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw.

Budgets for 2011


Marketing budgets increased by a net 0.5% in the third quarter of 2010, according to the latest Bellwether report, but the report’s author and Markit chief economist Chris Williamson urged caution following public sector cuts and the VAT increase. We asked marketers what their budgets are looking like for 2011.

The best campaigns of 2010?


Some brands defied reduced marketing budgets and depleted teams in 2010, and employed creative thinking to produce innovative and effective campaigns. We asked senior marketers what they thought was the best campaign of 2010.

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