Former HSBC chief slams DM industry

Former First Direct and HSBC marketing chief Peter Simpson has slammed the direct marketing industry for not living up to its potential. Simpson, who helped launch First Direct and spent 13 years as the 24-hour bank’s commercial director, is joining direct marketing specialist Data Lateral as chairman. But despite calling DM his “first love”, he […]

Bond ditches British Airways for Virgin Atlantic in latest 007 film

James Bond 007 has ditched British Airways in favour of Virgin Atlantic in the new movie Casino Royale, with Branson himself making an appearance in the film. The news follows BA’s surcharge investigation and the subsequent commercial director Martin George’s “leave of absence” which hit the airline’s reputation. Branson’s airline has signed a deal to […]

Former British Gas boss to take global Accenture role

Nick Smith, the former British Gas marketing director, is poised to take a global marketing role at consultancy giant Accenture. Smith, who was replaced by Amanda Mackenzie last November, left the utilities group without a job to go after his role was reduced from overseeing its marketing and advertising to strategy alone. It is not […]

FSA rebuke to Cadbury sparks food sector scare

The Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) publication of a damning claim that Cadbury Schweppes “underestimated the risk” of salmonella contamination in several of its chocolate products could be the first of a raft of health scares in the food industry. Cadbury’s withdrawal of 1 million chocolate bars has sent tremors through the sector, with companies scrambling […]

Hitting above their weight

The launch of a new oven cleaner under the Dr Beckmann brand (MW last week) is the latest from household cleaning specialist ACDOCO in a sector dominated by the likes of Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser and SC Johnson.

Guilty of sweet nothing

Days after the Queen knighted him for services to business, Sir John Sunderland has found that Cadbury Schweppes, the company he has helped run for nearly a decade and where he is now chairman, is a business facing a deepening crisis.

The word, the whole word, and nothing but the word

J ust as the changing seasons never fail to gladden the heart, with their reassurance that, whatever Fate might have concealed behind her back, the rhythm of nature beats on regardless, so the regular arrival on the scene of a ripe old adman b

Caught in the bra elastic

It takes a lot for most people to get hot under the collar about import/export quotas. That’s why rows about trade agreements rarely dominate newspaper front pages, especially when there are sexier things like corporate mergers, takeovers and

Spend your money wisely

Deciding what to charge for your services can be a nightmare. Aim too high, and you risk pricing yourself out of business; too low, and you sell yourself short. Over time, one might expect such problems would be ironed out as buyers get the me

Bringing up baby with brands

Something is happening to modern children – and the way their parents treat them. According to recent research and news stories the average child receives 70 toys a year (more than one a week), 80% of children have their own televisions, half

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