Energywatch expresses caution after budget

Consumer watchdog Energywatch has given a cautious welcome to the Chancellor’s budget speech today (Wednesday). The watchdog warns the Government not to move at the speed of “the slowest energy companies” in the fight to tackle fuel poverty. Energywatch also criticised Chancellor Alistair Darling’s plans to give nine million pensioners a one-off increase in the […]

Budget leaves bingo halls under threat

The bingo industry has responded with “disbelief” that today’s (Wednesday) Budget included nothing to ease its tax burden. The future of many of the UK’s bingo halls is now under threat, the Bingo Association says. There was dismay at the Chancellor’s decision not to remove VAT from bingo charges but rather to increase the tax […]

Emerging markets provide next generation of leaders

Executives from emerging markets are preparing to take the reins at some of the world’s top consumer goods companies. Global multinationals are looking to China, India, the Middle East, Russia and Latin America for sales and profits growth as their home markets in Europe and the US stagnate. Some believe this will force them to […]

Breakaway agencies bite the hand that fed them

RKCR/Y&R breakaway Adam & Eve appears to have cocked a snoop at its former employer, bagging a slice of Lloyds TSB business. The hotshop has been tasked with a 10m sports sponsorship assignment centered around the banks 80m tie-up with the London 2012 Olympics (MW last week).

Mike Nutley on the difficulties of personal data collection

It’s hard to imagine a world where, if you went into a shop and bought something, the credit for the sale would go to the last ad you saw, some point-of-sale material, perhaps, or something on the side of a bus. But that’s the way online treats advertising. Looked at like that, it was no […]

Unilever personal care chief role to expand after reshuffle

Unilever group vice-president of personal care Simon Clift is expected to see his role expand to include home care and foods, following the structural changes announced at the end of last month. Homecare, personal care and foods have been combined under a single category structure under the leadership of Vindi Banga, currently president of foods, […]

Advertisers reject Grades call for a relaxation of CRR rules

Advertisers have lobbied the Government to keep the Contracts Rights Renewal status quo in a series of “fact finding” meetings this week. Some say stronger measures are needed, rather than the relaxation of rules that ITV executive chairman Michael Grade wants. Big spending advertisers, the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA) and the Institute of […]

ASA bans GHD ads for being offensive

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) says the campaign is offensive to Christians as it eroticises their religion and uses the line Thy will be done from the Lords Prayer. The letter T also appears in the style of a crucifix.

French Connection profits fall as high street weakens

Troubled fashion brand French Connection has reported profit dips of 23% for the full year ending January 31 2008. The high street chain blames difficult economic conditions for the results and predicts a tough year ahead. The company made a pre-tax profit of £3.1m and turnover fell by 2% to £236m. Like-for-like sales fell by […]

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