6 October 2005

The ‘bigger is better’ dream of America is getting greener too

As consumers demand greener and organic alternatives – and are prepared to pay a premium – niche sectors are springing up in nearly every industry North America has never been known for its green and organic credentials. Widely criticised for making up less than five per cent of the world’s population but consuming close to […]

Canary Wharf campaign to attract more shoppers

Canary Wharf Ltd, which manages the London location’s retail estate, is launching a multi-media campaign to attract more shoppers to the area. Transport media will be used to persuade Canary Wharf workers to take advantage of the area’s shopping opportunities, while residents in surrounding areas will be targeted with press ads and, potentially, direct, online […]

When a plan comes together

Exhibitions are not usually considered part of the media agency’s remit, but brands are beginning to realise that they can benefit from integrating the show with their schedule, says Steve Hemsley At information technology exhibition CeBIT, Sun Microsystems paid promotional staff to dress up as “Sun Kommandos” and walk around the event with televisions on […]

To get ahead in advertising, try sticking to what we know

The world of marketing and communications has changed dramatically in the last 50 years, but it is the ads that have remained consistent over time that we will remember, says Grant Duncan Recently, ITV has been busy celebrating its 50th birthday. Half a century in which the world has changed dramatically; the twists and turns […]

Another push-up trick?

Wonderbra is branded in consumers’ minds as ‘the’ cleavage bra, but its new ads reveal a wish for a more varied effect. By Catherine Turner A quiet revolution is under way at Wonderbra. The Sara Lee-owned underwear brand is striving to reposition itself away from in-your-face cleavage to subtle sexiness. New ads, breaking this week […]

How niche TV is broadening the horizons of advertisers

They may not make the headlines like ITV’s new digital channel, but small TV channels are quietly emerging to offer narrowly targeted audiences to advertisers. If only agencies appreciated them As the cable industry finally unites with the merger of NTL and Telewest, and the upheavals continue at ITV, it is easy to overlook the […]

The tables are turning for DM – and it’ll soon be taking requests

The problem with ‘permission’ marketing is that it is on an all-or-nothing basis, but new services are enabling consumers to choose what they receive and when Hello there. John Pushysalesman-Smith here. Have I caught you at a good time? Never mind. How about some double glazing, or a new mortgage, or some health insurance, or […]

A safe pair of hands to hold the collecting tin

Arsenal and Scotland goalkeeping legend Bob Wilson retired from football punditry at about the right time, if the insomnia-inducing fare on show in the Premiership this season is anything to go by. But since Bob’s “retirement”, he’s been busier than ever. The Willow Foundation, a charity founded by Wilson and his wife Meg in memory […]

With plenty of brake horsePowerPoint, it’s an engine for growth

After a recent survey revealed that people tend to think about sex, football and, er, “proposed changes to the no-ball law in cricket” when they are bored in meetings, the Diary feels it is time for a rethink of the whole meeting medium. Perhaps if more meetings were held at venues like the one above, […]

The classroom barrier

The Government’s decision to get tough on junk food in schools has alarmed the ad industry, which now fears a similar clampdown on brands in the classroom. But the controversial balance between education and promotion has already scared many brands away. Ian McCawley reports The Government’s crusade against junk food in schools has left advertisers […]

Selective breeding

In their endless search for the next big money-spinner, the packaged-goods giants are looking beyond their own hidebound internal cultures and setting up venture capital funds to seek out and incubate new ideas. David Benady assesses the prospects of these arm’s-length ventures Their revolutionary products include a cholesterol-busting margarine, a sweetener that is made from […]

Future of football piece was really on the ball

I have recently received my copy of Marketing Week and would like to congratulate you for the quality of the cover story (MW September 29). It is a well thought-out, balanced article and gave real insight into the problems at the heart of the modern game. Please pass my compliments on to the reporter, Robert […]

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