6 September 2007

Sky Bet launches “rollercoaster” TV ad campaign

Sky Bet, BSkyB’s betting arm, is launching a TV advertising campaign to highlight the “rollercoaster” ride of betting on football. The campaign, created by Brothers and Sisters, breaks this week during football matches on Sky Sports. The ads will show two men watching a football match on which one of them has placed a bet. […]

Aga launches celebrity ad campaign

Aga, the cooker brand, is launching an advertising campaign featuring celebrities using its products in a bid to target a younger audience. The print campaign breaks this week and sees Aga-owners such as musician Alex James and model Jasmine Guinness photographed using the cookers in their homes. Further celebrities will be used in the future. […]

Woolworths launches phone recycling scheme

Woolworths is launching a new recycling service that will pay people for their old mobile phones. The high street retailer will promote the scheme online and expand it to include printer cartridges and plastic bags next year. The website recyclewithwoolworths.co.uk launches this week and phones will either be refurbished and sold aboard or recycled. The […]

Advertisers still struggle to connect with mobile users

Twenty years ago this month the deal was signed to build mobile phone networks based on GSM technology. Since then the success of the mobile as a voice, and later a data, communications device has been spectacular. But as mobile data has increasingly come to mean the mobile internet, one of the most persistent questions […]

Getting the insight track

The ability to attract and retain customers, with the in-depth knowledge it implies of the market sector, has traditionally played Cinderella to branding. But now its time has come, with many corporations promoting customer insight experts to top-level positions, says Catherine Turner Supermarket group Morrisons and credit card brand Goldfish have both appointed data and […]

Sonys synchronicity man

Sonys sales are in the ascendant, but it wants marketing guru Ben Moore to become one of the key architects behind a more coherent brand image, which it hopes will return the electronics giant to its glory days of the 1980s. David Benady looks at the scale of the task facing Moore

Bacardi enlists The Red Baron for global drink-driving push

Bacardi has drafted in Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher to become its global brand ambassador for promoting sensible drinking and safe driving. The seven-time Formula One world champion will feature in a heavyweight advertising campaign to communicate a global “Don’t drink and drive” message for the brand, which will be unveiled next year. The […]

Coke plots ‘Sprite with ice’ with help of new technology

Coca-Cola is considering the launch of revolutionary new packaging that will create ice inside a soft drink when it is opened. It is understood it is planning to use the technology to launch a “super cold” variant of Sprite that aims to extend its appeal to the urban youth. The new drink will be called […]

Mars to revive ‘Work, rest and play’ slogan

Confectionery giant Mars is resurrecting its iconic “Work, Rest and Play” strapline ten years after it was scrapped. The updated version – “Work. Rest. Play Longer” – is understood to be part of a campaign to position Mars as a brand that aids exercise.

ITV announces HD plans

ITV is launching a high definition (HD) digital channel for its flagship ITV1 brand early next year as part of ambitious turnaround plans unveiled by executive chairman Michael Grade. The broadcaster says the service will be launched at the same as its Freesat digital satellite joint venture with the BBC in the spring. The service […]

Government seeks agency for minimum wage scheme

The Government is seeking a communications planning agency to raise awareness of a new pilot scheme that aims to uncover abuses by employers and to offer protection to those paid less than the minimum wage. The pitch, overseen by COI, will focus on “vulnerable” groups such as cleaners, security guards and caretakers not getting their […]

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