6 September 2012

World ‘wild’ web needs sheriff

Your description of the online world as an “uncontrollable, inhospitable and bewildering” place for marketers raises a crucial question – how can you protect your brand across the worldwide web? Brands often find themselves associated with damaging sites via third parties. And the 8.2 billion pages of the web are a vacuumwith no government or […]

Google+ is no minnow in the bathtub of social networks

The gist of your Google+ piece was that it was still too small to be taken seriously by marketers. Better the big, warm bath of Facebook. We started working on the Google+ launch in January and the pace of change is awesome. I recall a meeting when the user interface changed mid-meeting unbeknown to our […]

Facebook pals are easily lost

Facebook’s trial launch of adverts in users’ newsfeeds marks a tempting but risky move for brands wanting to market to the social network’s 1 billion users. Brands have spent the past two years learning how to engage in the social space by setting up Facebook pages and creating campaigns to increase the number of Facebook […]

Remember: the medium is the message

The philosopher Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase, “the medium is the message”, and cross-channel marketing certainly complicates the way in which the message is sent to the consumer. Lucy Fisher hammers this home but there are further intricacies in getting cross-channel marketing right. Tablets for example are inherently “leisure devices”. Regardless of what the medium […]

Will Nissan spare us the cheesy car ads?

Regarding last week’s cover story What’s Driving Nissan?, it seems we may as well stick to the English term ‘story telling’ when it comes to the automotive sector, as it seems just as alien to some brands as the Japanese word kotozukuri. The largesse of automotive marketing budgets (Honda aside) has seen campaigns revolve around […]

Allow social commerce to prove itself

Your recent cover story on word-of-mouth marketing rightly puts the spotlight on the growing popularity of social commerce and how it is being adopted by brands. All of the models mentioned in the article have merit but, perhaps with the exception of the Tesco scheme, suffer the same problem of scale, which is ultimately needed […]

Charity begins in-house


A growing number of international brands are using in-house charitable foundations to not only help developing nations but also promote their values and global reach.

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