7 February 2008

Can do culture

Due to the sophistication of the internet and the volume of people on it, usability has moved beyond just ensuring your site works. By Martin Croft Usability should be a big issue for any marketer who wants to either sell products or services online, or use the Web to project their brand or corporate image. […]

A tour de force

Take-up of analytical tools is rising aswebsite owners seek to plot the journeys of users –data which, if interpreted well, gives crucial insight. By David Benady Sales of Web analytics packages continue to boom in the UK as online retailers tap into an apparently invaluable resource for improving their Web presence. These packages enable website […]

An eye-opener

Blind sales and distressed inventory could be a thing of the past, thanks to a new type of ad network with quality and targeted spots. By Sean Hargrave

What’s the big idea?

Do campaigns still need a big idea that can be applied across all channels, or is it more effective to tailor content to each platform? By Caroline Parry When the contestants of last year’s reality show The Apprentice were challenged to create an advertising campaign, CHI & Partners founder Johnny Hornby bestowed upon them a […]

E-mail adds extra string to your bow

Two recent studies expose the pitfalls of e-mail marketing. The first claims that nearly half of all retailers fail to comply with the most basic legal requirements, and cites retail chain Office as the biggest offender when it comes to good practice.

Bottom line, not buzz words

Between blogs, forums, podcasts, Facebook, MySpace, Second Life, Wikipedia, Del.icio.us, Twitter, Digg, Flickr and all the rest, the array of social media options now at marketers’ disposal can be intimidating. The challenge for marketers now, as ever, is to get past the hype and get onto what works.

Stand out from the rest with security

Online shopping this Christmas was up 54% on 2006 in the UK, according to Capgemini and IMRG. High street retailers increasingly rely on the online channel for business growth. It’s a very familiar success story: e-commerce just keeps growing.

Is advertising dead in the ME world?

I was recently at a conference for digital marketing, and online advertising got a really rough ride. Naturally, there was a lot of discussion about social media, mobile andother wonderful content due to its talkability, but there is still a whole world of opportunity within the online advertising space.

Essential to successfulmarketing

According to research from E-consultancy, companies across all industries spend, on average, 18% of their online marketing budget on affiliate marketing. In the same research, 62% of retailers say that they are spending more on the channel than they were two years ago.

Search and Web design go together

When I wrote for this column last year, I talked about how search campaigns need to be integrated into overall marketing plans and touched on how search can be used to inform Web design.

Online is a crucial part of every marketer’s armour

The online environment is one we are now all familiar with, as consumers, marketers and analysts. Yet it is evolving at an extraordinary pace, with the landscape being constantly remodelled through seismic shifts that can have significant impact on brands and their advertising agencies. The race is on to snap up competitors and new platforms, […]

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