Alcohol advertising row erupts


The row between advertising and health lobbyists over alcohol advertising rules erupted once more over the weekend after a medical expert group revealed it is pushing for a ban on sporting and music event sponsorship by alcohol brands.

Mind the gap in the free sample method

The article ‘Offering a bit more than a free sample’ ( highlighted some of the data from our research project: Building Brilliant Sampling Campaigns, which uncovers what consumers value in the live environment and what encourages them to sample more and purchase. The real opportunity for marketers is in plugging the gap between sample and […]

You don’t need a crown to be a powerful leader

Ruth Mortimer

I am recovering, along with the rest of the UK, from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. The enormous brand cash-in to commemorate the monarch’s 60 years on the throne has involved pretty much every brand from Marmite (renamed Ma’Mite) to computer games The Sims (using Royalty-themed characters). The theme from the Jubilee that will last […]

Diamond brand is a lesson in true luxury

Mark Ritson

It was to be the crowning achievement of a mighty career. Laurence Graff, the billionaire diamond entrepreneur, was about to take his diamond brand public. After a planned IPO this week, the Graff was to start trading on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Thursday.

The Secret Marketer calls for better on and offline integration

Secret Marketer

I mentioned last week about my disenchantment with big high-street brands losing touch with their customers…which is something I feel strongly about. I have worked for a number of those brands in my time – financial services, retail, travel – and get, more than most, how reliant you are on coaxing customers through the door […]

The measure of PR

At the beginning of every campaign, brands and agencies need to be very clear on what they want PR to achieve and what success will look like (PR Strategy, PRMeasurement). Is it about awareness and education, for example? Is it about changing perceptions? Is it about creating fame or is it about keeping news […]

Do you have the brain of a leader?


The 30 recruits to the marketing academy all want to be leaders of the future, but do they really have what it takes? We reveal the results of the scholars’ pyschometric personality tests.

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