7 November 2013

Don’t be cheap

When Santander says, “price is not the be-all and end-all”, it’s a sign that something’s up.  Santander has made a name for itself through good deals and aggressive acquisition offers. Call me a cynic, but I suspect its change of tack is less about rebuilding consumer trust and more an attempt to remedy its unsustainable business […]

Pitches under the spotlight


New models of working are changing the way clients and agencies work together, and with the launch of Good Pitch Week, now is the time to put the value back into the relationship.

Viewpoint: Joe Clift, chief marketing officer at CFA

Lack of alignment around brand or campaign objectives and insufficient engagement at the top end of the client organisation are some of the reasons that client-agency relationships don’t go well. Healthy client agency relationships have to be based on clarity, transparency and trust. The third happens only if the other two are in place.

The Secret Marketer: What if the lights go out?

Secret Marketer

This week I have been updating my firm’s ‘risk register’ which is something that most big companies have but it is questionable just how much effort really goes into creating it, despite the monthly/quarterly requests to update your respective entries. 

Case Study: Blur Group on new agency models

Technology firm Blur Group aims to reinvent how businesses do commerce. It claims that its global services exchange delivers services differently and provides a new way to buy, manage and pay for core services.

Why the Co-op could fall while RBS struts on

It’s difficult to find anything nice to say about any of the British banking brands, so let’s not bother. Instead, let’s examine two rogues from a gallery of options, both of whom are currently sharing the limelight. In the red corner I give you The Co-operative Bank and in the blue, The Royal Bank of Scotland.

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