7 September 2000

BMW picks ex-Rover boss to head new Mini division

BMW has created a separate division for the Mini brand, headed by former Rover executive Trevor Houghton-Berry. Houghton-Berry joined BMW in June from Rover, where he was corporate sales manager. He has also held similar positions at Citroën and Mazda. He will be general manger for the new division, which will have its own marketing […]

npower starts installation of smart meters

npower has started installing smart meters for its customers, following in the footsteps of rival domestic utility company British Gas. Smart meters are automated electronic units attached to gas or electricity meters which transmit readings to suppliers and allow consumers to monitor the process. A spokesman for npower says: “Smart meters provide remote meter information […]


Wal-Mart has extended its Price Rollback campaign in Germany to cover a further 1,000 items. The cuts will be communicated through a TV campaign and on posters placed near the company’s supercentres.


Sony is to appoint both a creative and media agency to launch a campaign for its £2,000 robotic dog, Aibo. Existing agencies include Saatchi & Saatchi and BMP DDB.


Carlton Interactive film channel Popcorn and entertainment service Jamba have been signed up as content partners for BTopenworld’s ADSL broadband portal.

Caught in the web

The speed of the Internet revolution almost left direct marketing behind. It’s time for DM agencies to fully develop their online skills before IT outsourcing steals their thunder

Chasing the pack

American Express, the iconic status symbol of the business-class executive, is relaunching its green charge card in an attempt to broaden the brand’s appeal. But can the company persuade enough consumers – and more crucially retailers – to say


Vendex KBB, Holland’s leading non-food retail group, is to take over It’s, a 65-strong chain of outlets selling household appliances and consumer electronics. Vendex already operates similar stores under the Dixons, Dynabyte, Dixtone and Modern Electronics fascia.


News International has created a new direct sales channel for product manufacturers, called New Commercial Ventures.

Company claims analysis techniques boost website performances by up to 50 per cent

A new company offering advanced website analysis to improve the returns companies get from their investment in the Internet is being launched by a leading UK expert in human-computer interaction (HCI), Dr Andy Smith. Smith believes many websites could increase their performance by up to 50 per cent by applying advanced usability research techniques to […]

Will Amex smash the card mould?

The Amex card, once undisputed talisman of thrusting jet-set executives, is undergoing a severe identity crisis. No one would accuse Amex of being unprofitable or of being anything other than a great brand. But is it losing its magic? Amex, like Diners Club, pioneered the charge card. At the time in the early Sixties it […]

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