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The story of Nokia’s board reshuffle sparked much debate on the Marketing Week website. The original story can be found at/ and here are some of your comments below:

Tackling data privacy issues

Chris Combemale (Customer Data Trends, 24 June) offers good advice when he says “Brands must be open and transparent when they are seeking new customers”.

Gov’t cuts are just the start

The news that the Government plans to cut 75% of its websites in an attempt to save millions of pounds is an example of it trying to tackle a symptom of departmental inefficiency, rather than the source of the problem.

Four letters of regret

Five years after Dixons Group rebranded to DSGi, the company is retracting and going back to its former name (DSGi to revive Dixons Retail group brand, 24 June).

Don’t forget the first rule of marketing…

Ford is to begin selling its new cars online. This announcement met with predictable scepticism by the many dinosaurs in the motor trade, but I fear it is they who’ll be heading for the scrapyard if they refuse to move with the times.

Brand experience is right retail strategy

This week, I had breakfast with Angus Thirlwell, chief executive of retail brand Hotel Chocolat. While our chocolate-themed snacks might not have been the healthiest experience for my body at 8.30am, we both had something more important on our minds – how to get the brand experience right for the customer. It’s ambitious, experience-obsessed businesses […]

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