Mark Ritson: Brands are people too – so says Facebook


Interesting times at Facebook. It filed for an IPO last month, which means the company is well on its way to listing on the New York Stock Exchange and a lot of Facebook employees are about to become multimillionaires. On the down side, however, the company must now report publicly on its performance to potential investors.

The Secret Marketer on the (in)efficiency of modern technology

Secret Marketer

Earlier this week, I had to visit one of my company’s offices in Manchester, which involved taking the train from London Euston. Like all good executives, I had pre-booked my tickets, thus benefiting from the supposedly cheaper prices offered to those who are able to predict their movements. However, on my arrival at the London […]

Web comment

Mark Ritson’s piece on going back to brand basics sparked a debate on the website. Here are some of your comments: Beyond the basics Advertising has a purpose and has to work to support the brand. But are we saying that our audience hasn’t moved beyond the basics to be able to connect concepts and […]

In BlackBerry users trust…

One factor that may prove to be the BlackBerry’s saving grace ( is the fact that most of its 75 million subscribers trust their device. Unlock worldwide via email The new BB10 looks like any other Blackberry. I’m not surprised that the company has to spend a lot of money marketing this product – it’s […]

Claims of customer service greatness fail to ring true

Of real interest in your article about customer service (MW 23 February) were the comments from Sir Richard Branson and Phil Stewart from Virgin Media. This time last year, I experienced the worst customer experience debacle of my life, following Virgin Media’s failure to install its service when promised. Multiple calls to multiple representatives on […]

Marketing budgets need different tack

Russell Parsons highlights some interesting findings on the latest marketing budgets and it won’t all be music to marketers’ ears but does suggest opportunity for greater creative invention with the promise of more marketing budget overall. This will encourage a move away from using the same old traditional routes. More brands should commit to increasing […]

Strategic inconvenience

Do Not Enter

Major brands are employing a strategy that runs counter to the belief that ease and convenience are the way to offer good service by placing stumbling blocks in customers’ way with the aim of offering an enhanced experience.

Don’t let outsourcing cost you brand trust

Ruth Mortimer

The bobby on the beat may soon be hanging up his truncheon. It was revealed this week that some UK police duties could be taken on by an employee of a private company, if government plans to outsource certain services go ahead. The police outsourcing project could theoretically include everything from investigating crimes to patrolling […]

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