8 November 2012

Cracking the code to customer loyalty

There can’t be a marketer who hasn’t had to explain what it is that makes customers loyal to their brand, and in turn answer the world’s hardest marketing question ‘is there a direct link between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty?’

A day with Frank van der Post: My last 24 hours…

What I do every day is very diverse because while I look after the fun, creative aspects around the brand, I also work on product, service and catering – all those operational aspects that involve working with the cabin crew. In the past 24 hours, I attended a recognition event for some of our colleagues […]

Marketer2Marketer – Frank van der Post

Robin Sutherland, managing director at TravelSupermarket, asks… How can British Airways differentiate its brand in an increasingly commoditised market and prove its relevance to customers who want to pay the lowest price possible to get to their destination? Frank van der Post: You can’t be everything to everyone, so you need to identify who your […]

Brand equity can damn as well as aid you

Mark Ritson

A few years ago, I was working as a consultant for a luxury brand. After a long and fruitful week of branding meetings across Europe, we ended the week in Paris and I visited the brand’s biggest boutique with one of its senior executives. Enamoured after five days of working for this lovely brand, I decided to buy one of their nice bags for my wife.

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