9 February 2012

The Secret Marketer bids us farewell

Three years ago, the associate editor of Marketing Week cast me in the role of The Secret Marketer. One hundred and fifty rants, or should that be columns, later and it is time for me to take my leave. Work pressures dictate I step aside. It has been a blast and I shall miss my […]

Breaking into Brazil


Brands wishing to conquer the Brazilian market need to connect with its 192 million population via the mobile internet – plus sprinkle a strong local flavour into their marketing communications.

Why bonus culture is bad for RBS brand


What are we to make of the current debate on bonuses? I ask because in my interactions with marketers over the past week I have been surprised at how the topic has split our profession right down the middle. As many marketers appear comfortable with Stephen Hester receiving a bonus of almost £1m from The […]

Focus on the customer to end ‘betrayal’

The sense of brand ‘betrayal’ is high at the moment (MWlinks.co.uk/BrandTrust) and people will only start trusting brands when their post-sale experience starts matching the pre-sale wooing. How about insurance companies getting out from behind their Ts and Cs and communicating honestly, and luxury brands making their whole brand communication experience as good as their […]

Do your homework before joining search

A defined SEO strategy is fast becoming recognised as a core element of the marketing mix (MWlinks.co.uk/JoinTheSearch) but, in attempting to demonstrate a link between search and offline advertising, there are key factors to appreciate before embarking on a campaign. For example, brand owners can’t control SERPs (search engine results pages) and the keywords you […]

Linking brand personality with consumer characters

Lucy Handley’s feature ‘Six codes that reveal a brand’s real personality’(MWlinks.co.uk/BrandPersonality) throws up some interesting questions about who is really in control of shaping the personality of a brand. Just like the perception of a person, it is subjective and gaps can emerge between the intention of the marketer and the intended consumer. As all […]

Branded TV needs a major burst of creativity

I agree that companies are turning to own-branded TV channels to increase brand engagement and drive purchases (MW January 19). This is due to the demand for online content. Findings from Ofcom and YouGov show there are over 785 million visits to online video websites every month. In fact, 27% of internet users access TV […]

Web comment: The real McQueen?

Mark Ritson’s column on the power of Steve McQueen to endorse brands and the lack of ‘authentic’ current brand ambassadors prompted online debate. Read Ritson’s column at Mwlinks.co.uk/RitsonMcQueen and see comment extracts below. One sector that does endorsement well is charities. On the whole, celebrity patrons of charities tend to genuinely care about the cause […]

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