Beatrice Lafon: How I would fix…

Marketing Week asked Lafon how she would fix three of the UK’s biggest retailers. While she makes it clear that it would be “arrogant to believe one person would have all the answers looking in from the outside”, she offers the following thoughts:

Meet The Fixer


As one of industry’s top troubleshooters, Beatrice Lafon has travelled the world saving brands and businesses. Now she is setting down roots as president of Claire’s Accessories Europe, where she is working on an essential recovery plan.

LaFerrari shows LeWayForward

Mark Ritson

It is made from the same carbon fibre as the uranium centrifuges at the heart of most nuclear power plants. It can accelerate from a standing start to 60 miles per hour in less than the time than it took you to read this sentence, and it will retail for about £1.5m.

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