9 October 1997


The British market research industry is still booming and, with a growing number of companies using research in new product development, brand planning and promotion, the future looks even rosier.

2m Molson for Mountain View

Scottish Courage is believed to have appointed Mountain View, the agency formerly known as Barker & Ralston, to handle the 2m advertising for Canadian lager brand Molson. The Scottish brewer pulled its 2m advertising account for Molson out of Foote Cone & Belding in April, saying it wanted to reduce its roster agencies and that […]

Sizing up a brand’s equity

Brand equity is an essential component of company profitability, explains Paul Simons, but an accurate means of measuring it is still proving elusive.

Hollywood’s Leading Lady

Guy Laurence is swapping his role as James Bond’s emissary to work for Schwarzenegger, Stallone and Willis – and spearhead Planet Hollywood’s European expansion. Roger Baird finds out why.

Scottish Courage hires premium lagers supremo

Scottish Courage has appointed Maurice Breen from Scotch whisky marketing company Matthew Gloag to handle one of the most important jobs in UK beer marketing. Breen, who is global controller for The Famous Grouse brand at the Perth-based company, which handles marketing and distribution for Highland Distilleries, has been appointed brands director for premium lagers […]

Bike ads must retain glamour

As a “born-again biker” I have to reply to Paul Hunter’s letter (MW September 18). Mr Hunter, you are missing the point. The motorcycle industry is doing a fine job in both product development and marketing. There is nothing wrong with the strategy. Take a look at the statistics and you will see what I […]

Guinness recruits Nestlé marketer as Euro chief

Nestlé marketer Jon Potter has been appointed marketing director of Guinness Brewing Worldwide’s European region. – Potter joins Guinness from Nestlé’s Czech Republic operation, and fills a post left vacant when Rob MacNevin left to join cider

Marketers must go on the attack

Marketers are under attack, and need to fight back according to an updated version of the classic book Offensive Marketing by Hugh Davidson. But first, they must attempt to get their own house in to better order. Alan Mitchell looks at the cha

Duracell chief moves over to Braun

Duracell’s director of marketing for Europe, Glyn Harper, is joining sister company Braun as marketing director for Europe. Dwight Brown, marketing director for Braun UK, says Harper will not be based at the UK headquarters in Middlesex. Both Braun, which produces household and healthcare products, and Duracell are owned by Gillette. Harper, who oversees Duracell’s […]

Time for marketing to make stand

I was not surprised by your Leader and article by Alan Mitchell (MW September 25) concerning the poor rating for the marketing profession given by City analysts and investors. There are a number of reasons for this. Marketing consultancy, which should spearhead the industry offering impartial advice without vested interest, has been swallowed up by […]

C5’s Elstein urges agencies to restyle TV ads

Advertising agencies will have to rethink the way in which TV commercials are written if they are to advertise brands successfully in the digital TV age, says David Elstein, chief executive of Channel 5. Elstein delivered the warning at last night’s Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Annual Lecture. He signalled an end to the style for […]

Vetting the mail is good practice

Although not accustomed to reading low-life marketing magazines, your article about vetting (MW September 4) somehow found its way to my bathroom and was read during a restful few minutes of solitude. Where the article lists some of the subjects studied by the veterinary undergraduate, it fails to point out that the major subject the […]

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