9 September 2010

The battle to stay relevant

Rich media certainly adds a welcome sheen to email marketing techniques (MW 18 August), but we should not forget that the real battle with this channel is getting the targeting and messaging spot on.c

Social media is for brands too

Mark Ritson’s recent article “Social Media Is For People Not Brands” (MW 2 September) is rather difficult to substantiate as it states social media is categorically not useful for brands, when using only Twitter as an example.

CPE drives comms and value

The cost per engagement model Michael Nutley discusses (MW 26 August) is designed to drive ROI value for advertisers in terms of only paying the media partner based on user interactions with any branded content hub.

Tap grad potential


It is hardly surprising that the economic climate will cause a struggle for graduates to find jobs, forcing them to consider fields to work in that were not necessarily their first choice (MW 26 August). Also, with more candidates applying for fewer jobs it’s a given that competition for places is high.

The sham surrounding fake luxury brands


Few topics stir the loins of marketers more than luxury branding. When I teach about luxury branding in my MBA Brand Management course, there are always extra bums on seats. Non-enrolled students, MBA spouses, even a few faculty will turn up to learn more about the fascinating world of luxury. And of all the questions […]

The perils of finding a new agency

My impressionable young brand manager is desperately keen to find a new agency. She thinks the incumbent has been working on the brand for too long and has run out of steam. Meeting lots of prospective new agencies that will all promise to wave the magic wand may sound exciting but I am not entirely […]

Young talent takes in views from top level

Yesterday was one of my most enjoyable days yet as editor of Marketing Week. I spent most of my day learning how to build a brand from scratch with the cream of young marketing talent in the UK. Of the scholars of the Marketing Academy, a scheme designed to develop leadership capability in talented marketers […]

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