Data Strategy May 2009

The Back Room – Emma Sanders, Head of data planning, Information Arts

What does your job involve? Is there a lot of pressure?While we do a lot of proactive planning in advance, when the time comes for campaigns to go live, my job can become a bit pressured. It’s absolutely key that the client expectations are managed, while co-ordinating data across multiple suppliers to get everyone working […]

Saving the planet one record at a time

This raises an interesting possibility – that marketers will pursue data quality for its business benefits and pocket an environmental benefit for free. In perhaps the greatest buy one, get one free ever, if they get PAS 2020 certification, it may also give them some valuable claims for the CSR report. “It will be a […]

The bottom line for data budgets

THE ISSUE Just as everybody has learned to accept that we are in a recession, so they are learning to use another R-word – retention. Holding on to what you already have is a logical response to a market that offers little opportunity for growth. So it must follow that any company adopting a retention […]

Data that’s fit to print

The challenge Johnston Press is one of the largest regional media groups in the UK, publishing titles including Yorkshire Post and The Scotsman. The Group sells over half a million daily newspapers and over 1.5 million weekly paid-for titles. It also enjoys a substantial online audience for its news websites, with around 6.2 million unique […]

What you see and what you get

Getting the big picture is vital for any marketing director who wants to demonstate the effectiveness of what the department is doing. Boards care little about the detail of each campaign and everything about how many sales it will lead to. Which gives marketing something of a problem, since all of the measures it receives […]

Customers are not the only masters

Customer data may offer the largest ROI (“Local data, global master, March), but there is a whole other world of data out there that barely refers to customers. Product and supply chain data is what you’ll find bursting the seams of a manufacturer’s data warehouse, for example – not customer data. There is a need […]

Poor data can queer your pitch

The Amazon “firestorm” that scorched its way across the Internet in April exemplifies the universal need for comprehensive data management for colossal Internet retailers like Amazon, it will only take a few cases of dubious data management before customers will start losing confidence – product information, and the reliability of its source, must be infallible. […]

Analytics still faces the test

Iain Lovatt is right (March 2009). Many companies are sitting on top of rich seams of competitive and commercial advantage, but lack of analysis means they don’t even know this data is there to be profitably mined. Applying analysis to unlock the potential of these opportunities is all well and good, but you have to […]

Marketing caught in the Net

Listening to Don Tapscott at the IDM lunch recently, it struck me that marketers have been flash-mobbed by the new Net generation of consumers. Right under our noses, while we were earnestly going about our 4 Ps, they’ve transformed the communication landscape and are now flaunting it wildly in our bemused faces. It’s a communications […]

Cyber crime spreads its viruses

“It was a very good year for the cyber criminal”. That is the depressing conclusion given by Guy Bunker, chief scientist at Symantec, on the basis of his company’s Internet Security Threat Report for EMEA 2008. “They had a productive time, creating 60 per cent of all known malware in one year.” This explosion in […]

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